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About me

I started to geek out on advertising and marketing when I was very young. I would cut out ads from newspapers that I find interesting, whether it's the imagery or how the words are written. Oh, I loved those TV commercials too - the way they could tell stories in 30 seconds or less.

While other kids wanted to be doctors, lawyers or teachers, I was clear that I wanted to be in advertising. I wanted to be the one creating those cool ads and commercials.

To date, most of my experience is self-taught through reading, observations, and online courses. My practical experience came from my 30 years working in print advertising, web design and sales (B2B).

After more than 18 years of selling cybersecurity systems and services, I felt lost, tired and no longer fun. While the money was good, I felt empty. I wanted to create stuff and chart my own path.

I desperately wanted to get back to my passion for advertising and marketing - digital marketing, to be precise. And I didn't want to regret it when I got too old, wondering what if. So the fear of regret drove me to take that plunge and start my little gig as a full-time freelancer. It was a risk because I had no clients or a track record at the time.

But deep inside, I know I'll make it work.

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My pet peeve and what I am doing about it

The thing I didn't like about selling was the pushy, in-you-face and sell-at-all-cost tactics.

I prefer the "invitational" or "persuasive" style. I want to work with people who enjoys working with me.


Yes, this takes a fair bit more work as I have to learn what makes a prospect buy what I have to offer. And I would need to be empathetic and truly dig deep into understanding the prospect's pain, fears and aspiration. Which also mean I would need to offer something that really helps them.

No hard selling, BS.

And emails allows me to have that "private" conversations with me prospects. Of course, emails is not the be all and end all in marketing. It's just one aspect of it.

But let's start with one first - especially since I work solo. I can layer on my other skills such as running ads, video and presentation when I work with my clients.

And you get to benefit from me specialising in email marketing because I spend more time in this than any regular businessperson. This is what I do for a living.

The email guy methodology

I produce emails campaigns and automations that converts for my clients.


And more importantly, educate and train my clients to be great email marketers too.

That's why aside from my Done-For-You services, I will be releasing online courses that helps you learn this craft because with your list, you truly own your customer data, unlike your thousands or millions of social media followers.


The platform owners own them. Not you.

No strings attached freebies

Wanna get the inside scoop into my thoughts on email marketing, tips and tricks of the trade?


I share them through two newsletters dedicated to B2B and B2C segments respectively (because the approach to email marketing varies).


Also, if you are stuck with writing your email subject lines, you can sign up to receive my daily email subject ideas for free too.


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