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Done For You
email marketing campaigns and automation services.

I will design your email marketing strategy and write the email campaigns that convert prospects to buyers for your business.

Email marketer

Promote in public.
Sell in private.

Successful launch

You spend money running ads to attract attention to your products and services, hoping to make you some sales. 

Well, you might get lucky with some immediate sales, but that’s only touching the tip of your potential market. 

How about the rest who are keen because they responded to your ads but are just not ready to commit immediately? 

Maybe they need more information about your offers. 

Or they need to be convinced that you can really solve their problem. 

This is where you use emails to communicate directly with them. 

It is the most effective 1-to-1 channel to connect with prospects and customers.

To sell to them in private but done at scale.

But you just don't have enough time for it.

Email marketing is more than writing a couple of emails and sending them to everyone on your list.

That's the fastest way for your emails to end up as spam.

You'll need to manage your list, build a series of campaigns and even automations to meet your prospects where they are in their buying journey.

Done right, it will speed up the rate of conversions.

But it's a lot of work.

Not enough time for email marketing
Let the specialist do it for you

"I need someone to do this for me"

What you need is someone who can strategise and create email funnels for you.

And write those emails that will excite, evoke an emotion so strong and inspiring that only the act of buying from you will satisfy their desire.

In short, emails that converts prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

3-step process to creating email campaigns that boost sales and develop engaging relationships with your prospects and customers.

Deep research


Extensive and deep customer research forms the foundation of emails that resonate and connect with your audience.

Email funnels


Each email forms a funnel designed to move your audience from curiosity to gotta-buy-this frenzy.

Personality infused


Each email imbues your brand's personality and voice. Just as if you were to write them yourself.

I'm an email conversion strategist.

Hi, I am Andrew Wong.

My career of 30-plus years spanned across print advertising, web design, and selling complex cyber security solutions.

I have designed websites for clients such as AirAsia, Nissan Malaysia, Football Association for Malaysia, the Brunei Government and many more.

I also served as a member of Malaysia's National Y2K Task Force in 2000, responsible for the web portal and liaison with other international Y2K task forces.

And a recipient of the e-Business Leadership award by IBM in 1999.

And the constant tool in my sales arsenal was email.

Because, well, it just works.

Andrew Wong - The Email Guy

What others say about Andrew

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