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Attention: If you are selling to Businesses (B2B), you should read this...

B2B Business

Are you struggling to generate leads and find qualified prospects despite running ads, posting on the socials and even cold calling?

Introducing #B2BSniperLeads

done-for-you service where I help you reach out to 1,000 leads within 5 days or less without you and your team needing write a single email or cold call anyone.

You just need to be specific with who you wish to reach out to.

Then wait for me to pass t
he prospects to your team to do the follow-up calls and close them.

It's that simple.

Email cold outreach

What kind of magic strategy is this?

I'll be using emails to reach out to these leads.

It's call
ed cold email prospecting or outreach.

And no, it's not an email blast to everyone on the list. That's spamming, by the way.

Instead, I will be curating publicly available information and personalising the email for e
ach lead by addressing their specific problem to get them wanting to talk to you.

Is this allowed?

Yes. Especially if you are reaching out to companies because I only send emails to their company email address which is public information.

And these emails are written to trigger a positive response from them and not to sell anything from the get go.

That is left to your sales team once they have indicated interest to continue the engagement and building the trust that will lead to a sale. 

Social media ads

Why can't I do the same by running ads?

Due to privacy concerns, social platforms are forced to scale back the level of data that they share with their advertisers. Hence you will be left to do broad targeting and wasting money on millions of impressions when all you need is targeting a small group of companies needing your product or services.

But with this #B2BSniperLeads method, your audience is hyper targeted down to the industry, company and job titles that you want to outreach to.

Would this method work?

Yes. That's why you are here on this page.

Can't I just cold call them instead?

Yes, you can.

But first, you'll need a prospecting list.

And then, you'll need to hire a group of  tele-marketers or business development executives to reach out to these leads.

Cold calling
Andrew Wong | The Email Guy

Why work with me?

I have more than 30 years of experience selling to businesses accumulated through stints with News Straits Times, co-founding a web design firm and as the head of sales for a local cybersecurity company.

And now, 
I help businesses like yours generate leads through email outreach and digital marketing.

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