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Email start-up service

Set up your email marketing engine

Which email service provider should I choose? How do I know which one works best for me at the lowest price possible?

I will advise you which is good for your business and help you set up your email marketing engine in 3 days of less.

Email deliverability

Emails in the inbox instead of in spam

Frustrated with your emails landing in spam instead of your recipient's inbox? Worried about having your domain blacklisted by the mail box providers? Low open and click through rates?

These are the symptoms that your email deliverability is broken. I can help you fix that.

Write your emails for you

Email campaigns written for you

How you get your leads or prospects to excited to want to buy from you? How to write these emails without being a nuisance and sleazy?


I will help you write high converting emails that build trust at the same time

Your email manager

Need help with your email marketing?

To keep your audience engaged, you need to communicate with them regularly through emails. And to grow your sales, you need to create compelling email campaigns that will be sent to the right people at the right time.

I will help you manage all these and more as your designated email manager so that you can focus your time on your business.

Email Manager (2).png

Your 24x7 dedicated salesperson

Having a website is good. But there's too many information in there that your prospects could get lost.

Having a landing page would be great as it only contains custom information that will drive the prospect to take specific action.

Email Manager.png

Need help with your campaigns?

A well executed marketing or sales campaign requires assembling and ensuring that all moving parts are working.


Your ad, emails and social media posts need to move in concert to envelope your prospects with the right messages. 


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Precise prospect targeting and lead generation

You operate in the B2B space and discovered that your ads are not getting you the right and qualified leads?

Maybe it's time to switch your strategy to precise prospect targeting using cold email outreach? Use emails to connect, setup up conversations to understand their needs better and then offer your products and services where appropriate.

Ask Andrew Anything-min.png

Got questions on your email marketing?Need some expert advice?

You can't pin point the exact problem with your low converting emails and you'll need someone to look at it for you. Or you have some ideas for your email campaign but not too sure whether it's complete enough.


Then let's book me on Zoom for a 30-mins chat or brainstorming session (Paid session).


What others say about Andrew

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The Email Guy.

Hi, I am Andrew Wong.

My career of 30-plus years spanned across print advertising, web design, and selling complex cyber security solutions.

I have designed websites for clients such as AirAsia, Nissan Malaysia, Football Association for Malaysia, the Brunei Government and many more.

I also served as a member of Malaysia's National Y2K Task Force in 2000, responsible for the web portal and liaison with other international Y2K task forces.

And a recipient of the e-Business Leadership award by IBM in 1999.

And the constant tool in my sales arsenal was email.

Because, well, it just works.

And I can make emails work for your business too.

Andrew Wong - The Email Guy
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