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Entrepreneur. Technician. Rainmaker.

There are generally 3 category of people in an organization. The entrepreneur, the technician and finally there's the rainmakers. So, let's go through each one of them. Firstly, there's the entrepreneur - the top guy in a business hierarchy.

French in origin—entreprendre, meaning to undertake—the word entrepreneur does not lend itself to one meaning. It can be seen in various ways i.e., as a person who pioneers change and one of very high intellect, capable and innovative; as also a person who wishes to work for himself/herself and willing to take risks that comes with the challenges

The cool thing being an entrepreneur, is that the entrepreneur gets to make the most amount of money. They own and run the business. There's no ceiling - they can make as much as they want. They and their vision are the limit. Conversely, however, they also carry the most risk - they could end up losing everything too, should the venture fail.

The thing is this, rarely, do one stop and ponder what it actually takes to being an entrepreneur. They are more obsessed with the idea of being able to create either a product, a service or both. And supposedly, to be able to be in control of one's time and future. They tend to gloss over the notion that being an entrepreneur requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, sacrifices and an appetite for high risk. And one will have to be a damn good leader, a visionary one at that, to be able to lead the team or partners in a way that they would not have been able to achieve on their own. More of that in another blog post.

A technician on the other hand, is someone who is very well skilled in his/her craft - the people who actually do the work. A store manager, human resource manager or executive, an accountant, photographer, movie director, script writer and so on are generally "technicians". They have a skill set that an organization or business needs to keep the machinery moving smoothly and consistently.

The risk a technician will face or encounter is then, rather limited. Sadly, this also applies to the rewards part, because no matter how good you are in your craft, ultimately, there's a price ceiling to your skills. Your earnings are effectively capped. But you may very well have time on your side for other things such as living a life.

Now, there's the third category. The Rainmaker.

These are a special group of people who possesses the skills and experiences necessary to bring life to a business or organization. The guys or girls who brings in the lead, sales or the ability to make sales happen - the lifeblood of any business. They know all this internet marketing traffic stuff. These are the people who know how to sell to leads, create videos, create stories and actually get money out of peoples wallets and put it into the hands of the entrepreneurs. Now, with rain makers, their rewards are also almost unlimited - no ceiling. The fun part is, they do not need to carry the risks that an entrepreneur does.

So, what's the role for you - The Entrepreneur or The Technician or The Rainmaker?

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